"Life is a roller coaster, and mine has certainly had its share of ups and downs!

At the age of 31, with a background in social work, I married a widower with five young children, exchanging community social work for residential child care! I also became a ‘vicar’s wife’. The roller coaster ride had begun.

With the birth of our twin son and daughter, and then another daughter, our family of eight children guaranteed an action packed ride bringing huge joy and some challenges!

Through my own experiences of pregnancy loss, I began to explore issues of pregnancy crisis and pregnancy loss concerns, a journey which has shaped my life. It led to my founding a Pregnancy Advice Centre, and has taken me to Finland, Estonia, Sweden, Northern Ireland and USA to deliver training and to run recovery groups.

After 23 years of leading churches with my husband Derek, that ride came to an unexpected and sudden halt when he tragically suffered a heart attack and died instantly. Since then, I have been on a different kind of journey, learning to adapt to change and to embrace new experiences and direction.

I returned to full time education, and graduated with a Master of Theology degree. I have since spent time in the USA working in a multi-cultural, multi-ethnic church and delivering training.  I have also set up this consultancy, offering my experience of life and ministry, hopefully to encourage others on the ride! I hope you will be one of them…"