Jenny offers a course of lectures on the themes of pregnancy crisis and abortion. Statistics show that one in three women in the UK will have had an abortion by the time they are 45 years old. (http://www.bpas.org/bpaswoman).  Her Masters dissertation explored the theological and pastoral issues surrounding abortion and pregnancy crisis, and its place in the teaching and ministry of the church today. Empirical research revealed that this is a pastoral issue in the church and a challenge to those in ministry, but few feel equipped to address it in the church context.

Jenny is working as a consultant with CARE (http://www.care.org.uk).  She is involved in developing a new project whose aim is to enable those in ministry engage with this issue both in teaching and in practical ministry. This involves speaking in churches and delivering lectures at theological colleges, building on her many years of experience in speaking, and delivering training in the UK, Finland, Estonia, Sweden, and Illinois, USA.

Jenny has a passion for equipping church leaders to engage with these issues, and delivers a course of lectures which is Biblically based with an emphasis on relevance to practical ministry.

She can also speak on matters of bereavement.




What People Are Saying

'The students were moved, challenged and broadened by Jenny's presentations. Her compassionate testimonials brought fresh perspectives to deeply held values.'

Ian O'Brien, Vice President: Student Affairs, Trinity Bible College, North Dakota, USA


'Jenny made the course wholly engaging. I benefitted from the way she linked the material to theology and the Biblical view.'

Linda, student at Mattersey Hall College, UK


'The lectures have encouraged me to open my eyes to future ministry opportunities in this subject. I am more aware of the need to help men and women through this healing process.  I was challenged to say the least!' 

Abigail, student at Mattersey Hall College, UK


'There was a good mixture of teaching, discussion and personal evaluation.  ...[our opinions] were listened to and worked through, so it felt like we could have a different opinion and that was ok.' 

  Student at Mattersey Hall College, UK


'This training would be very relevant for church leadership and ministry.  I wish we had this before; I would have helped many girls and ladies from our church. ' 

Church leader, and student at Mattersey Hall College, UK