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Jenny has an extensive background of pastoral and counselling experience, based in both church and community settings. For 23 years, she and her late husband led 3 churches, serving the last one for 17 years. During this time, Jenny founded a successful women’s outreach ministry and a pregnancy crisis centre in the community. Following her husband’s sudden death in 2007, she completed a postgraduate course at Mattersey Hall Theological College (AOG), in Retford, England and achieved a Masters in Theology degree.

Jenny comments: “Over recent years, I feel that I have developed a gift for communicating with people, and have spoken at various events, sharing my story and faith. I love to use image, narrative, and humour to communicate the message and especially enjoy speaking to those who are still on a journey to faith.”

Jenny’s Masters dissertation explored the theological and pastoral issues surrounding abortion and pregnancy crisis, and its place in the teaching and ministry of the church today. She speaks to church leaders on these subjects with particular reference to its relevance for pastoral ministry. She also loves to speak in a wider context on these issues, with an emphasis on the healing compassion of God for those who may have been affected by an experience of abortion or other pregnancy loss.


What People Are Saying

"One of the greatest pastoral challenges in the church today is how we support women who have to deal with the pain of an abortion. Jenny Baines and the ministry she exercises brings tenderness, truth and hope to those who are dealing with this trauma. This will help local churches and individual women to find a pathway of healing in the midst of unspoken but deeply felt loss." 

Malcolm Duncan, Senior Leader, Gold Hill Baptist Church, England.



"Jenny speaks from the heart. Her seminar touched many lives because it was so honest, earthed in the real world of human dilemma and need. Her compassionate approach brings the love of God to people in ways that helps them breakthrough into new experiences of him!"


Russ Parkes, Senior Leader, Open Door Church, Peterborough. UK


"Jenny, you so obviously really understood the dilemmas that Church Leaders face, both from your reference to your studies and to your own life experience. Thank you very much for coming all this way and for all the thought and work that went into making the seminar so relevant and helpful."

Anne Wallace

Centre Director
CrossWay Pregnancy Crisis Centre
306 Richmond Road,

"I love that Stone Creek Church is brave enough to have this post abortion recovery class…I hate to say this, but I only have one friend who hasn’t had an abortion.  It affects so many in our churches… Thank you for this class."

Amy , Illinois, USA